I love games

I've always had a fascination with video games ever since the release of the Nintendo 64, it wasn't until high school that I had decided I want to have a career in games though. Starting my first projects making Flash games in year 9 and 10, which those games landed me into a Diploma course studying games design.
I would always be the one coding and piecing the game together inside the game engine and I really enjoy the satisfaction of having a problem, thinking about it and coming up with a solution to that situation.
While I was studying games I was also programming away at websites for friends and clients, 5 years on I can now confidentially say I can program in C#, C++, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Specialising in game mechanics and online networking for video games.
Now in the near future I will be studying computer science to get the degree behind my already established skills in programming, I am highly excited and can't wait to be working in the big leagues making triple a tittle games.
In my spare time besides learning new code I am a part time musician mostly playing rock and metal, playing the bass guitar.


* Diploma of Arts (Games Design)
* Certificate III in Retail


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